Tuesday, May 13, 2008


From my inbox and other places:
  • Goodbye, Bernard Holland. Not that I think the downsizing of the Times newsroom and culture pages is a good thing, mind you.
  • Joshua Kosman has some thoughts on Holland.
  • Stanford has yet another interesting symposium that I wish I'd heard about a month ago, on Music & the Brain. It's this weekend.
  • Tony Tommasini speaks at Stanford at noon tomorrow today, May 14. This I ought to have made time to get to, but alas. It's up to you to ask him about Holland.
  • The English National Opera has a nifty digital opera guide on its web site.
  • Goldstar is offering half-price tickets to two San Francisco Symphony Brahms Festival concerts. (I was shocked by the number of empty seats at last week's program, with the wonderful Leif Ove Andsnes playing the Second Piano Concerto.)

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