Monday, August 16, 2010

Found in the Chron

Two items of interest in the Chronicle in June, 2009, which wound up in a never-published posting - why, I don't know:
  • Joshua Kosman's review of the third Schubert/Berg program, which consisted of Berg's Chamber Concerto and Schubert's Great C Major Symphony.
  • Jonathan Khuner is interviewed by Edward Guthmann. In the article, he's called a prompter, and the interview focusses on that aspect of his work, but I think the correct term for his position is assistant conductor. His job includes conducting rehearsals and, I would bet, coaching singers, as well as prompting. He has performed the same functions at the Metropolitan and at Bayreuth. I've heard Jonathan conduct many times at Berkeley Opera, and, you know, he is damned good. I wish he'd get a full run of something at San Francisco Opera; he's better than a fair number of guest conductors I've heard there. The little anecdote about Lotfi Mansouri, who tried to get rid of prompting and prompters, is telling. Sheesh.

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