Friday, November 12, 2010

Miscellaneous Musings on Makropulos

To start with, get a ticket. I'll have a review up at SFCV sometime in the next 24 hours, and will hold off on more extensive comments about the primo, except: get a ticket. Or two....I called the SF Opera box office Tuesday to ask about senior rushes, since we were thinking of taking my mother. They said there would be a limited number, so be there at 11 when they go on sale. Well, there was no way that was happening; my mother can't travel to SF on her own at this point, and neither Donna nor I could swing by with her. They're not sold over the phone or on the web, either. So imagine my reaction to the dozens of empty seats in the orchestra section....Janacek was rarely performed outside Czechoslovakia and elsewhere in Eastern Europe in the 1950s, but I cannot help daydreaming about what Maria Callas would have done with EM....Tattling: a shocking amount of chatter after the music started from the adults within hearing distance of me. The children who sit next to my subscription seats in the balcony are a whole lot quieter (and kudos to their parents for taking them to the opera and for teaching them to be considerate opera-goers).....Speaking of adults around me...oh, wait, maybe I will email Leah Garchick with a tidbit.

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