Monday, May 28, 2012

Blogroll Updates

Over the last day or two, I clicked through every link to see which blogs are up and which have quietly died. I found around 20 blogs that appear to have gone inactive. I'm loosely defining that as "no new postings in at least six months," but some have had no activity in two or three years. Some of you...okay, one of you avoided being moved to inactive by dint of a couple of timely postings this year.

I'll be moving these to the Inactive Blogs section of the blogroll. You never know when an inactive blog will suddenly wake up again (Hi, Proper Discord!), but I do know how busy we all are.


Lisa Hirsch said...

Daniel Wolf writes (and I managed to DELETE rather than PUBLISH this:

I'd like to have a more accurate sense of whether this is natural attrition, with activity picking up elsewhere, or a general decline in musical blogging. Should we be doing more or less? Where do things stand between solo blogs and group blog/web magazines? My own blog is more or less the journal I'd be keeping anyways, but is it still useful to keep it online?

Lisa Hirsch said...

I think it's natural attrition. Most people are too darned busy to blog regularly; some of them have other gigs taking up more time The volume of my blogging is freakish, at 300+ postings/year for the last three years.