Thursday, December 19, 2013

NYPO Labor Agreement

The New York Philharmonic has settled with its labor unions. There will be salary increases (6.5% over four years) and the musicians will contribute to their health care costs.

The orchestra ran a $6.1 million deficit last season (2012-13), with a budget for that year of around $71 million. Matthew VanBesien, the executive director, is pleased with the deal. He notes that he has a long-term plan for putting the orchestra on a better financial basis and also that the orchestra had a record year of fund raising.

You'll notice that, despite the deficits and despite a $21 million pension contribution shortfall, there's no talk of a lockout or "new models" here. Unlike the MOA, VanBesien, management, and the board understand that their job is to enable great music making.


Eric said...

Sometimes "new models" can be just keeping your organization afloat. After so many terrible events this year, that's a feat.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Not sure whether it's clear from my posting, but I was referring to all the people clamoring for "new business models" because "the old model isn't working," which means "we don't want to pay musicians what they're worth" or "we don't want to do the hard work of fund raising" or "why isn't this orchestra making a profit" or some other stupidity.

Eric said...

No, it was clear but I was making a different point. Yes, we all know that tenets of the performing arts business need help, but in this case with the Phil's deal, they just made the deal work...everyone wins it seems, especially audiences who still have the opportunity to see their orch, unlike Minnesota.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Ah! I agree completely - just very glad they had a peaceable settlement and will go on playing.