Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Reactions to the Record, 2

Jonathan Bellman, of Dial M for Musicology was also at Reactions to the Record. He posts evocatively about the experience of the conference; I agree with him about absolutely everything.

However, I need to tell you that his playing, which he modestly passes over, was great. He played a Schubert Moment Musicaux (lovely), his own painstaking transcription of Scott Joplin's embellished piano-roll version of Maple Leaf Rag (jaunty), and, best of all, a fabulously blue rendition of Gershwin's Piano Prelude No. 2, moody, dark, full of rubato. I am not much of a Gershwin fan, but this I loved.

Did we recognize each other as fellow bloggers? Well, no, not until after it was all over, when he mentioned Dial M in passing and I said "I link to you!"


Anonymous said...

You really are too kind, Linda. Looking forward to more accounts of this event.--Jonathan

Lisa Hirsch said...

Ahem. That's Lisa. :)

Anonymous said...

VERDAMMT! I knew that. Have your card and everything. Mea maxima culpa--the fingers ran away with me.--Jonathan

Lisa Hirsch said...

Heheh. I get called Linda or Laura all the time! It's really okay.