Thursday, April 12, 2007

Will wonders never cease.

Seriously off-topic, but whatever. I have to talk politics at least annually.

Around 2002, I started to keep a Web page of reasons to vote George Bush out of office. Funny how very relevant it still looks today, eh? Maybe it's time for me to start something similar for 2008, but in the meantime, take note of a few stories from the last day or two. I file them under the departments of corruption, incompetence, and pure politics, and none of them even touch on the war in Iraq.
  • Mr. NeoCon himself, Paul Wolfowitz, arranged a job in the State Department for his girlfriend. Well, it did mean she was no longer under his supervision at the World Bank!

  • Wolfowitz was "greeted by boos, catcalls, and cries for his resignation" at the World Bank when he talked to his colleagues about the breaking scandal. I love the part of the story where he apologizes for his mistake. He will never apologize for the Iraq war, for which he bears plenty of responsibility.

    This is also choice:

    He also appeared a victim of his own declaration that he would bring a new era of accountability to the bank. He boasted that he had doubled the staff of the public integrity division so it could prosecute cases of graft against corporations and bank employees, stirring resentment throughout the bank that he saw them all as corrupt.

  • The Justice Department has found practically no evidence of voter fraud, which the Republicans think is a huge problem.

  • Despite this, it appears that a federal panel altered the conclusions in its report to match conclusions the Republican party would like. Don't confuse us with the facts!

  • The White House "may have lost" email relating to the firing of the eight U.S. attorneys general who, among other things, appear not to have been pursuing allegations of voter fraud with quite the commitment desired. Fellows, did your Exchange server crash, or what? Are you saying you don't have backups?

  • Political advisors to President Bush may have used Republican National Committee email accounts for conducting official government business. C'mon, you guys, were you really unaware that was improper?

  • The above two stories are directly related: the White House says that email missing from RNC email accounts may be about the attorney general firings.
These links are all to the NY Times, and you may need Times Select for access to the stories once they're a week old.

Updated late on April 12, when I added the second and last bullets above.


Leroidavid said...

Great job of disinformation.

It "may", there "may", they "may"...

Sure, and there may be people living on the Sun...

Well, at least this may be true for the NY Times moonbats...

Lisa Hirsch said...

Sorry, I can't even parse what you're saying. You don't believe the above stories? Or anything that has happened since, like AG Gonzalez's testimony?