Monday, October 01, 2007

What to Do?

The Rest is Noise is short of its official publication date, but reviews are starting to arrive.

My policy as a concert reviewer is that I don't read read others' reviews until I file my own. I have a copy of Noise on order, and I will have lots to say, I presume, though no one is paying me to say it.

So, I will be collecting links to reviews in one place, the better to read them in one fell swoop after I'm done reading The Rest is Noise. Stay tuned!


mostly opera... said...

my problem is that I expect it takes the postal system about a month to deliver the book to my address (in Denmark) and I´m afraid I´ll be isolated in bloggerville in the meantime trying NOT to read others reviews...

Lisa Hirsch said...


How much are you willing to pay to get it faster? I expect Powell's in Portland or an indy bookstore in NYC or Boston would be willing to arrange for faster shipment, but I assume the fast carriers will be expensive.

mostly opera... said...

It´s just that I find it slightly irritating having to pay more for shipment then for the actual book...but you have point, maybe I´ll just have to do it..
Meanwhile, I may just be able to pick up a copy when I go to London in 2-3 weeks (I know - I´m slightly optimistic, but...)

Lisa Hirsch said...

That is optimistic - the London publication date is March, 2008.

The U.S. dollar is weak against every European currency, as far as I know. Check the exchange rate, because the most economical thing to do might be a fast-ish carrier from the US.