Saturday, October 20, 2007

I Feel Sure the Right Person is Out There...

...but it's not me. The LA Phil has an opening for a Manager, Artists Department. The position would be perfect for someone with a degree in music and the tact and discretion of the personal assistant to the Queen of England. From the job description, it seems that the person landing the job gets to be hand-holder, problem-solver, and gopher for guest soloists, composers, and conductors. I imagine that such people have, um, varied temperaments. I especially like these responsibilities, which do not, in fact, appear consecutively in the list:
  • Be "on call" to assist artists with various request/problems at any time.

  • Interpersonal skills require the ability to work with diverse personalities, discretion in dealing with artist and staff, mature presentation, efficient attitude and manner.

  • Other duties as assigned.
That last one could cover a lot of ground.


alex said...


first time i'm commenting; i really adore your blog though.

yeah, that last point seems like the Elastic Clause on crack. i think in the legal profession, that's called "covering one's a--"

and to think some people pooh-pooh studying the constitution!

Lisa Hirsch said...

Ha! And thank you for commenting; glad you like the blog.

alex said...

You're of course, very welcome. And thank you for writing!