Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Many Happy Returns!

Elliott Carter turns 99 today. His horn concerto premiered at the Boston Symphony a few weeks ago, and he's known to be working on a number of pieces. Wishing him many more years of happy composing and good health!


Joe Barron said...


We met at Bruce Hodges'blog site: Thanks for remembering Mr. C on his B'day. He's one of my heroes. I celebrated by attending the production of "What Next?" in NYC Sunday. Bruce will be there this evening, as will the composer, I'm told.

BTW, not to be pedantic, but I am an editor: "told" in your banner should be spelled "tolled." :)

Lisa Hirsch said...

Hi, Joe!

And how did you like What's Next??

I can probably match you for pedantry: I'm a technical writer and occasional editor.

What's your source on the spelling? I've checked multiple online texts of the play, and every one of them has "told." These included the texts at Project Gutenberg and Bartleby, as well as the libretto of Britten's opera. I will check my hard-copy Riverside Shakespeare when I get home, but I'm pretty sure "told" is correct.

Joe said...

Lisa, I stand corrected. The spelling does appear as you have it in A Midsummer Night's Dream. It was Shakpespeare who was wrong. Modern spelling would be "tolled," as in a bell tolling the hour, imho. But I know more about Carter than Shakespeare.

What Next? was terrific. It really came together in the Miller production, and it was very well performed.

Lisa Hirsch said...

I hope it gets performed here!

I bet it's a pun. The bell speaks (tells, told) and it tolls (tolled) because it is a bell.

Joe said...


You're welcome to join me, Bruce, and other music lovers on the discussion boards at www.good-music-guide.com. On the Composers board, you'll find a thread called The Carter Corner, where we have posted detailed reactions to recent performances.

Lisa Hirsch said...

That sounds great. I think I am at the limit of musical forums I can read or post to, alas.