Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Classical All-Stars?

If you're KDFC, the Bay Area's sole commercial classical music radio station, you think classical music is a sport. It's either exciting or relaxing, never intellectual stimulating or complex, and there's almost never any vocal music. Thus, you can vote for the 2007 Classical All-Stars. Sadly, the page only allows one write-in greatest work, and for the other two you have to choose from a short list of standards. If I can bring myself to choose, I'll be writing in Elliott Carter, Marin Alsop, and the Quartet for the End of Time. How I wish I could write in a couple more great works.


Celeste Winant said...

I can't believe that Messiah wasn't on the list. What- is it too "edgy" for KDFC?

Also- zero vocalists in the 'top performer' list.

bah humbug

well, I dont know if she qualifies, but I wrote down the late Lorraine Hunt Lieberson.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Vocal music is all too edgy! Note the Verdi - "Va, pensiero"!

opragal said...

I work at a station in the Midwest, and our PD (program Director) used to be at KMOZ in LA.

His mantra - "there 3 things that will cause listeners to find another station: organ music, harpsichord, and vocal."

oh, urgghhhh - it makes me SO frustrated!

Lisa Hirsch said...

Oh, argh, hate, hate, hate!