Sunday, April 24, 2011

Attempted Spelling Correction

There's a new comment to a posting from January, as follows:
Before you so self-righteously critique music (though KDFC's endless Dvorak,and Bizet iterations are awful), I suggest you learn to spell.  
In your letterhead, it is not "told" bells but "tolled". And your contributor should know it is Nacht not Nach regarding Mozart. 
Uh, regarding self-righteous critiquing: everybody's entitled to their opinions. I've been critiquing KDFC for a long, long time; I have a folder of correspondence with Bill Leuth and numerous postings here to prove it. And since this is my blog, I will say whatever I please. Needless to say, if you don't like what I write, don't read it.  (If you give a damn about my credentials, read this.)

And before you so self-righteously criticize my spelling, I suggest that you consult a good edition of Shakespeare. The Riverside Shakespeare, one of the authoritative editions of the last 40 years, has exactly what's in my colophon (not letterhead). In the edition I have, it's on page 246, first column, line 363. 

In addition, try consulting Google: 34,000 or so references on the Web support my spelling, versus 45 for yours. If "told" is good enough for Shakespeare, I presume it's good enough for you, hmmmm?

Regarding a misspelling in a comment, jeez. This is the Web. People make typos. Live with it.


Joe Barron said...

This is funny. I remember I brought up the same point when I first read your blog - politely, I hoped - and you set me straight. The word is indeed "told." And i can;'t throw stones. I'm one of the worst people for typos: I just never learned to address a keyboard properly. Folks who feel the need to criticize other people's spelling and grammar - whether the criticism is deserved or not - should try to get out more. Maybe do some community service.

Joe Barron said...

And I didn't know the blog description was called a colophon. I didn't know it was called anything, really. Subhead? Subdeck?

Lisa Hirsch said...

You were totally polite! As were the other couple of people who asked about it. This was the first time anyone was snide about it.

Re colophon, well, header might be more correct, but colophon is more correct than letterhead. :)

Joe Barron said...

Hey, at least we were paying attention. ;)

Lisa Hirsch said...

Haha, yep.