Friday, April 22, 2011

In Addition to That...

Today's playlist:
  • Parsifal: The Complete Karl Muck Parsifal Recordings; Orchestral Suite (Alfred Hertz, 1915); Good Friday Spell (1927)/Naxos. This set  contains the only recording of the original Bayreuth bells, which were melted down during WWII.
  • Parsifal: Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires, 22 September 1936. Fritz Busch/Singher (Amfortas), Destal (Titurel), Kipnis (Gurnemanz), Krenn (Klingsor), Maison (Parsifal), Lawrence (Kundry). 
Passing on the Italian-language Callas for now. (Yes, I do have more recordings of Parsifal at work than most people own. There are a couple more at home, too, the famous Kna and also A. Jordan with the fabulous Robert Lloyd as Gurnemanz.)

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