Sunday, October 31, 2004


I blame opera-l.

I've been a member since 1996, though I've been reading very selectively via the opera-l archive since about 1998. I just haven't got the bandwidth to read 80 postings per day, especially since opera-l's signal-to-noise ratio has deteriorated badly since I joined.

Sometime in September or October, 2004, browsing opera-l, I found the URL to an interview with Alex Ross of The New Yorker. The review mentioned his blog, The Rest is Noise, and my heart sank. I'd been carefully avoiding the blogsphere, which looked like a huge potential time sink. I could be practicing to take my sandan exam, or working on the Eva Turner biography, after all. But I followed the URL, which led to a few more URLs, and an interesting correspondence with Greg Sandow, and, well, here I am.


Anonymous said...

Oh goody! Another classical music blog! When I first started there were none but now it seems like I find one or two more every month.

I have no credentials but I frequently babble about classical music among other topics.

Lynn S
Reflections in D minor

Lisa Hirsch said...

Hi, and thanks for reading! I will list your blog, which I see is, indeed, on many topics.

My plan is to stick to music and related subjects in this blog. My home page has fulminations on various political subjects - I even put in a good word for politicians - but they will stay there.

Nick said...

I've been a member of Opera-L off and on since I was eighteen. God...eight years. In that time, I've gotten fed up with [and then missed and returned six or seven times] the impassioned, if bitchy, discussion on performances and recordings and singers. In my history with Opera-L, I have posted probably only a handful of times, and I've always done so with caution, as any views that are contrary to the general Opera-L membership usually get vehemently attacked. The foulness has gotten worse, despite the recent acquisition of a moderator.

One recent skirmish had to do with my soliciting for contributors to an opera weblog that I'm starting up. I called for "gay, male, and [possibly] young" writers with decent recording collections. I was called shallow and discriminatory and my post "the most odious" the list had ever seen.

Clearly the ancients don't understand the point of a weblog or its position with regard to reaching targeted audiences.

I don't blame you for being selective about Opera-L postings. I do receive the individual mailings all day, and I can tell you, it's mostly crap, but it is fascinating to know that after almost ten years of multiple daily exchanges, people can still find something to say about opera.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Hi, Nick. You have more of a stomach for the madness than I do, it sounds like. I think opera-l is a forum that would benefit from stronger and more thoughtful moderation than it gets.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Oh, and I forgot to say - the response to your posting was both unfortunate and typical. People can get away with posting racist and homophobic remarks, but your interest in a particular demographic got attacked.