Friday, October 27, 2006

Some (good) news.

Back in September, I mentioned that I was off-balance about various things in my life. This is, I guess, an update.

My mom came out here for a couple of weeks starting in late September, and found a place in Oakland that she will be moving to, presumably when her house closes, though maybe sooner. That's definitely good, and a huge relief to me.

Unless something goes very wrong, I'm also going to be starting a new technical writing job on November 13, at a company whose software you may have used. That's what I was spinning about. Yes, I am a little surprised by this, mostly because I like my current job and especially the people I work with. It was a hard decision to make; as recently as September I was saying wild horses couldn't drag me away from Documentum. But it's a great opportunity at a great place, one I thought I would just never have, because my new company is notoriously tough in its hiring process and requirements. Yes, the commute is worse than my current commute, but there is a shuttle, and there will be plenty of professional and other compensations.

I expect to still be blogging, writing, and singing. The multiple trips to New Jersey have delayed the dojo - there's no way you can run a school if you might have to go out of town for indefinite periods, unless you have black belt backup - and I expect to pick up that project some time early next year.

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