Wednesday, September 26, 2007

On Order

Saariaho: Château De L'âme, Etc / Salonen
Grisey: Les Espaces Acoustiques / Stefan
Lindberg: Clarinet Concerto, Gran Duo /
Saariaho: L'amour De Loin / Finley, Upshaw
Saariaho: Du Cristal, ...à La Fumé
Glass: Satyagraha / Keene, Reeve, Perry,


Henry Holland said...

How did Glass slip in amongst those Spectralists and Lindberg? :-)

The L'amour de Loin is stunning, I think it's a masterpiece. I'm hoping that it's one of the things Gerard Mortier does at City Opera (it was a hit for him in Salzburg); I missed the Santa Fe production a few years ago due to money problems, but I'm looking forward to hearing Ms. Saariaho's Adriana Mater there next summer. Yay good paying jobs!

Now, if the Los Angeles Philharmonic can only get it together when it comes to Ms. Saariaho's Passion of Simone; it was scheduled for 2006/07, canceled due to Dawn Upshaw's unfortunate medical situation, put on the 2007/08 schedule that was announced and then withdrawn again because they want to stage it. Yikes.

Lisa Hirsch said...

I'm reviewing the Glass/Sutter performance tomorrow night and then Appomattox next week, hence Satyagraha. The Spectralists are in their because of my upcoming trip to LA for the Sibleius Festival, or, anyway, that's why I bought all the Saariaho.

I missed the UK premiere of L'amour de Loin by one day, sob, on a trip to London a few years ago.