Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Special Place in Hell

A certain person has put up a presidential exploratory bid Web site. Tell him what you think of this. And rest assured that villaine fille's sentiments are mine.


not on your life said...

Sorry - I just gave my $300.00 to Nader. Edwards I might have gone for, but I'd never vote for either of the remaining corporate lackies.

Lisa Hirsch said...

It's great that you're willing to admit that you're voting for more Supreme Court justices like Roberts and Alito; more torture; more incursions on our civil rights and the Constitution; more years in Iraq; more years of tax cuts for the rich and benefit cuts for the poor and middle class; more attempts to "privatize" Social Security; more damage to our economy; more damage to our standing in the world.

Of course, you're making this admission anonymously, so maybe it's not so great.

Chris Becker said...

Hey, Lisa.

I highly recommend the documentary An Unreasonable Man to anyone with reservations (or blind hatred) regarding / towards Ralph Nader. It's revelatory.

I don't want to jump in and discuss who I voted / vote for. I will say that the documentary provides some much needed perspective on the last Presidential campaign as well as Nader's contributions to the public throughout his life.


Chris Becker

Lisa Hirsch said...

I read the reviews when the documentary came out - I expect my reservations would be similar after seeing it, but I will give it a whirl. Thanks!

(Honestly, there were many factors in how the Republicans won in 2000, from the butterfly ballot to the Supreme Court's decision to how the Democratic campaign was run, but those 90,000 votes for Nader in Florida had something to do with it as well.)

Chris Becker said...

We might look back to the Clinton administration too for further reasons as to why a significant number of people in the U.S. were fed up enough to put in a vote for Nader.

And let's not forget the people who didn't vote - that number was significant and also contributed to the results.

The documentary as well as discussions with friends and family with very diverse political leanings (some very conservative, some very liberal, some non U.S. friends, etc) changed my opinions about Nader and have given me a perspective with which to view our current front runners. I didn't vote for Nader, but I do not share your or Villaine's sentiments.

And I'm only contributing these thoughts as I had a very different view of Nader previously.

Good blog - I'm glad I found it (via Sounds and Fury - bleech!!!)

Lisa Hirsch said...

Heheh, re Sounds & Fury.

Clinton was a decent president, for one governing to the right of Richard Nixon. For me, proof of the anti-Nader pudding is how much I have missed Clinton in the last eight years, not to mention the bizarre thought that, ahem, I would take Nixon over Bush and his gang.