Sunday, April 27, 2008

Carl Ludwig Hübsch & Gino Robair at the Hillside Club, Berkeley

This concert sounds very cool:

Carl Ludwig Hübsch & Gino Robair
Sunday, May 4th at 7:00 pm
Admission $15 ($10 for HSC members and Seniors)
The Berkeley Hillside Club
2286 Cedar Street
Berkeley 94709
Info: (510) 845-1350

The Berkeley Hillside Club excited to present German tuba virtuoso and composer Carl Ludwig Hübsch, and Bay Area percussionist and composer Gino Robair in a concert of improvised music that will stretch your ear and your mind. Don't miss this exciting exposition of sound on the cutting edge of creativity in our acoustically-wonderful hall.

The Concert:

Carl Ludwig Hübsch plays accoustic music that melds the traditional brass sound of the tuba with the extended sound/noise music genre, along with strong influences from electronic and contemporary compositions. Perhaps one could say Hübsch plays electronic music with mechanical means. In composition Hübsch's work focuses on interweaving improvisation and ideas written in advance of the performance. In the concert at the Hillside Club he will play in a duo with the renowned percussionist Gino Robair. Together with the audience they step into the unknown and let music grow from there.

For more info, Carl Ludwig Hübsch & Gino Robair.

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