Monday, October 06, 2008

Dear Publicists:

A couple of weeks back, I put up a posting that corrected a previous, erroneous posting about a fine Bay Area organization. Within the last hour, someone who will go nameless wrote a comment to that posting, reading as follows:

Have you ever heard of classical [instrument deleted] [musician's name deleted]? He's a brilliant artist. If you aren't familiar with who he is, he has this organization: [deleted] that donates music lessons and instruments to kids in need. He also plays around New York City... I found his schedule online.

I can get more information on him if you are interested. Oh! I almost forgot, I also found out that he has these [recently organized salons] where you can actually go over to his place and listen to a bunch of people try out their piano music ( singing, violin, etc) on one other.

This is obvious spam. It had nothing to do with the original posting. I also hate the fake tone. I therefore deleted it.

If you'd like me to know about an artist you represent in some way, as agent or publicist, please send me email. I read the email I receive; I sometimes respond by email or put something on this blog. (My thanks to those of you who email me press releases and other info; I appreciate it.)

Do not post random comments on my blog. They are rude, and they're evidence that you're not bothering to read me or see if the comment is in any way relevant to my blog posting. Worst of all, they don't do the artists you're promoting any good at all, because they piss me off. I will delete such spam comments immediately.


Anonymous said...

Amen, Lisa. I've deleted comments like those before. On the other hand, someone from the American Symphony Orchestra recently hit a whole string of blogs that regularly -- or even semi-frequently, in my case -- include content relating to opera, posting a straight-up press release for their then-upcoming performance of Le Roi d'Ys. (My Favorite Intermissions was another of the blogs that got hit.) Since there was no attempt at the kind of subterfuge you describe here, I left it alone. I can't imagine what good they thought it was going to do, but what the heck?

Lisa Hirsch said...


I got email with a press release about Botstein and a recent article of his that also covered the performance of Le Roi d'Ys, no blog comments about it. Sheesh.

I spotted a spam comment a week or so ago at Wellsung like the one I removed. It was about a NYC pianist and the comment had nothing to do with the posting it was attached to, of course.

Kyle Gann said...

I got the same comment verbatim, and so did Soho the Dog. I deleted; Matthew didn't. Some of these jerks get through.

- Kyle Gann

Lisa Hirsch said...

Sheesh. I wonder at what point it's useful to tell the artists in question that their publicists are merely pissing people off.