Sunday, November 23, 2008

Audience Behavior

Dear Couple in the Balcony,

It's true that you were in the last occupied row of the balcony at First Congregational Church last night, so perhaps it was reasonable for you to think you wouldn't attract any attention. When I first caught a glimpse of you, I wondered if someone had had a medical emergency requiring mouth-to-mouth resucitation. But no, a few glances in your direction during the Zelenka's many solo passages revealed that you were smooching, early and often.

Perhaps you forgot about the chorus, or thought we'd have our heads so deep in the score that we'd never notice what you were up to. I'm just glad you kept your clothes on and your hands visible. 

Yours truly,

An Alto


Michael Walsh said...

Okay, after griping about people behaving in the concert hall as they would in their living room, I never thought they'd start behaving like they would in the bedroom!

OTOH, perhaps it's a step up from the living room to the cheesy movie balcony.

Daniel Wolf said...

It may be just me, but if one of my concerts provided a cause and refuge for a bit of affection, I wouldn't be entirely disturbed, even in a UCC church balcony. Coughing and talking though... that's immediate grounds for banishment to that special part of hell.

Celeste Winant said...

Yeah- I've seen people go all the way, but it was at the Shattuck Theaters, during a screening of The Scorpion King, starring The Rock, so that was easier to ignore. Sorry about your experience! (and I am more sorry to have missed the concert)

p.s. Why was I even watching The Scorpion King? Good question.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Heheh, I'm probably closest to Daniel in how I view this. I roll my eyes, I enjoy needling the couple, but it wasn't exactly anything to be sorry about.

Paul H. Muller said...

It's like the Seinfeld episode where Jerry gets caught making out during a screening of Schindler's List.

Janet said...

People do all sorts of annoying, distracting things during concerts. But the one thing that has actually driven me from my seat (in the audience) during a performance is excessive perfume.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Yeah, I think audience members wearing too much perfume should be thrown out.

N6TQS said...

Perfume is a particular problem for me at ACT. And it makes me sneeze, so I'm the one who gets the dirty looks.

The staff will NOT do anything about it, either.

Lisa Hirsch said...