Tuesday, December 23, 2008


  • Schoenberg, Gurrelieder; Leibowitz/Lewis, Semser, Tangemann, Riley, Gruber, Gesell; Preiser. From 1953. I've only heard one CD, more later.
  • Charpentier, The Judgement of Solomon; Christie/Les Arts Florissants; Virgin Classics
  • Tan Dun, Internet Symphony, Eroica. God, what crap. ANAblog has the clip.
  • Carter, String Quartet No. 1. Arditti String Quartet, Etcetera


Empiricus said...

Ugh. Thanks for the link, I think. The new 'Eroica': a completely neat idea, yet a completely unnecessary piece.

Anonymous said...

Never mind that it sounds like high-school band music, as the blogger noted. The work's real crimes are that it's completely unstructured and that it calls itself a symphony but is only five minutes long. Even G.B. Sammartini didn't write them that short, and he still got a basic ABA form in!