Saturday, May 09, 2009

Conversation Among Friends

MC: two two two posts in one... http://bit.ly/bE8r9

IT: hahah, yeah. I went on at very great length about this a day or two ago.

OT: It is just boggling to watch arts organizations try to embrace "new" technology. I'm always wondering who is in charge of these things!

MC: people who have "meet with consultant to strategize about how to talk to young people (MyBlog? YouTweet?)" on their to-do list

IT: You ARE planning to send some tweets from the stage the next time you're singing, right?

MC: ru kidding, next show there's no singing, only room full of people looking at iphones watching people on stage tweet at each other about what they'd think about if they were singing.

IT: ohgodohgodohgod i am out of luck i have the wrong kind of phone is my android phone good enough i am so uncool it's amazing anyone replies to my email

OT: I'm so entirely pained right now, I can hardly make a coherent sentence.


Elaine Fine said...

Suddenly blogging seems like something "old school," doesn't it?

Don't look for me on twitter, because you'll never find me there!


Lisa Hirsch said...

I can see ways that Twitter is hugely useful for casual publicity; I plan to use Twitter when I open my dojo for exactly that reason.

Elaine Fine said...

This is where I get off the bus. I have no idea what a dojo even is! Hojo I know (or knew).

Lisa Hirsch said...

"Place of learning," I think, but in the US most typically refers to a martial arts studio.