Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Make it Easy for People to Buy Tickets

Dear Metropolitan Opera:

I've complained about this before, and I'm going to complain about it again.

I really hate those additional fees over and above the cost of the ticket. And yours are the highest of all.

San Francisco Opera dings me for $9 per order. But you seem to have a $7.50 per ticket charge plus a $2.50 "facility service" fee.

I just bought a $15 standing room ticket for tonight. I nearly canceled it when I saw the $10 (ten dollars) in additional charges.

You want people to come to the opera, true? It's 2010, the economy is in the pits, and revenues are being affected by the economic conditions, true? It would be nice if you weren't tacking ten dollars in extra charges on to the price of each ticket.

I bought the ticket anyway. I mean, I don't get to NYC often, and I don't expect another opportunity to see the world's most multitasking tenor playing baritone-for-a-day. So I'll be there tonight. But I'm annoyed.



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