Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dynamic: Italian Record Label New to Me

Email a week or so ago called my attention to the Italian record label Dynamic. Their web site is here (available in Italian and English). The catalog is an interesting mix of live and studio, current and historical recordings. Some might be familiar to you, but live recordings of unusual operas from less-known houses, maybe not. (Are these legal or bootleg? I do not know.) Also, they have recordings by many Italian instrumentalists completely unknown to me. I expect there are a few gems in there; goodness knows, plenty of outstanding instrumentalists don't get performances outside their region or country and don't have contracts with internationally distributed labels.


Elaine Fine said...

Dynamic is a great label indeed!

Dan Johnson said...

I got that email too! Dynamic is a f'reals label, distributed by Qualiton Imports here in the States. I think they may have had a surprise hit recently with their DVD of Zachary Stains singing Vivaldi's ERCOLE ballsass naked. Their prices run a little high, I think, but they have some amazing titles/performers in their catalogue.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Thanks! And hahaha about ballsass naked. Do you have any particular recommendations? I'm especially interested in performers who don't play in the US or aren't well known here.