Sunday, June 27, 2010

P. S.

If you're reading this blog, it's highly unlikely that you're one of the majority of the audience that I posit isn't hearing what I (for example) hear at concerts.

Which raises the question of why people go to live classical music performances. Here's something I posted at Sticks & Drones a couple of weeks back. It started as a list in email about why people go to the opera.
  • They know a lot about music.
  • They subscribe to the organization’s performances.
  • They love a particular work.
  • They love the composer.
  • They love one or more of the performers.
  • They love the conductor.
  • They love the theatrical aspects of opera.
  • They find live music more exciting that recorded music.
  • They trust the conductor and they're willing to take a chance just because s/he is conducting the piece.
  • They’ve never heard the particular work being performed and they’re curious about it.
  • The work or production or performance got a great review and they were curious about it.
  • The work or production or performance got controversial reviews and they’re curious about it.
  • A friend took them or encouraged them to go.
  • They just moved to the big city from someplace else and they’re checking things out.
  • They know someone in the performance.
  • It’s the norm in their social circle. I saw Nancy Pelosi, George Schultz, and a few other famous people at opening night of SF Opera a few years back. I have no idea whether they’re opera fans, but there they were.

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