Friday, February 18, 2011

New Music, New York

Some great things happening in contemporary music this weekend, one-third of which, more or less, I'm spending in an all-day chorus rehearsal, at least if you are in New York:

Avant Music Festival

I managed to miss blogging this festival, which started on the 11th, and it is probably too late for you to make tonight's performances. However, there's always tomorrow, February 19! Here's what's on:

The Avant-Premiere of Apparitions of The Four Pillars with Their Lowest Additive Primes as limited to the 3rd, 7th, 9th, and 11th New Primes chosen Cyclically, The Toll of Premonition, The Memorial Connector over the Outlying Primal Abyss, and The Mid-Winter Ending by Randy Gibson
Performed by Randy Gibson, William Lang, and The Apparitions String Ensemble (Drew Blumberg: Conductor, Violin; Catherine McCurry: Violin; Mariel Roberts: Cello), with video by Oscar Henriquez.
8 p.m.
The Wild Project
195 East 3rd
New York, NY

More details are here.

Tune In Festival

Again, should have gotten this up earlier, considering that it's been on for several days. Sunday's program looks like a don't-miss (as did tonight's). Bring earplugs: I assume that 70 (seventy!) percussionists in one place make an unholy racket. Details here. H/T Alex for the pointer.

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