Monday, July 11, 2011

NYCO Joins the War on Musicians

H/T La Cieca. AGMA reports that NYCO is "proposing" the following:

  • Eliminate all health insurance.
  • Eliminate ‘contract year’.
  • Eliminate all employment guarantees.
  • Eliminate weekly artists.
  • All employment to be on a per-performance basis.
  • Eliminate re-engagement rights.
  • Eliminate tenure.
  • Eliminate minimum staffing provisions.
  • Eliminate paid time off.
  • Eliminate vacation pay.
  • Eliminate travel time.
  • Eliminate all references to New York State Theater.
  • Eliminate releases and leaves of absence.
  • Freeze severance pay. Payable only to people who resign now.
  • Allow non-AGMA singers, not covered by contract.
  • Eliminate dancers from contract.
  • Eliminate production staff numbers and guarantees.
What's left after that? A pickup organization, not an opera company.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That sucks.

When The NY Times ran the July 7 article mentioning that Catherine Malfitano et al were publishing their open letter of protest against the NYCO, the emphasis (in the article, at least) seemed to be about the move away from Lincoln Center. The article didn't give this level of detail regarding other budget cuts; the letter itself makes some mention about "dismantling" NYCO, but also without detail.

-CK Dexter Haven

Lisa Hirsch said...

The mismanagement at NYCO is so so sad. They have no money left in their endowment - down to $9 million from a high of $55 million - no reserves, not enough experience on the board. Sigh.

Joe Barron said...

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