Friday, November 04, 2011

Met Goetterdaemmerung Cast Change

I bet you figured this one out when you saw the post title:
Principal Conductor Fabio Luisi will conduct the Met’s new production of Wagner’s Götterdämmerung which premieres January 27, 2012, and continues on January 31, February 3, 7, and 11 matinee. Luisi will also conduct the MET Orchestra concert at Carnegie Hall on January 15, featuring Renée Fleming as soloist. He replaces the Met’s Music Director, James Levine, who is continuing his rehabilitation after a fall last September that necessitated emergency back surgery. Luisi stepped in for Levine to conduct the new production of Wagner’s Siegfried on October 27, and will lead the Live in HD performance on Saturday, November 5.
I wonder if InTrade is taking bets on 1) Levine's ability to conduct the full Ring cycles 2) the chances of Levine resigning.


Keith said...

"I bet you figured this one out when you saw the post title"

I didn't actually, because I wouldn't have thought of the conductor as part of the cast. I'm not a huge opera person, though; is that standard terminology in opera?

Lisa Hirsch said...

The Met, at least, treats all personnel changes in scheduled works as cast changes. And it's rare for a conductor to drop out, but it's the story of Levine's career this year.