Friday, December 16, 2011

Hell Week

What I did during Hell Week:
  • Flicka Gala, Dec. 3 (still need to blog)
  • BSO, Dec. 6 7& 7
  • SFS (Salonen program; still need to blog), Dec. 10
I'm soooo glad I didn't try to squeeze in more....because around midnight or 1 a.m. Sunday night / Monday morning, my mother fell and broke her hip. I arrived at Summit at 1:45, somehow beating the ambulance there. She had surgery Monday evening, squeezed into the orthopedic surgeon's schedule (same excellent doc who fixed her broken wrist a decade ago). She is now in skilled nursing at her retirement residence, doing fine, etc.

So in addition to working T - F, I ran to the hospital multiple times on the 5th and every morning or evening for the rest of the week, then dashed off to work. You could say this was a little wearing. My partner came back from seeing her family on Dec. 8 and promptly got sick. I have been laid up since Wednesday with the same thing she had. Three days of a mild fever, what fun.

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