Monday, April 30, 2012


The 2012 BBC Proms web site joins the parade of sites failing the Ross/Hirsch test for web site usability: you can't scan a list of performances and see all of the crucial information about each performance.

The Proms web site fails by not telling you who is conducting, which orchestra is playing, or who the soloists are. Apparently you're supposed to figure out...some of this....from the photos. Okay, I recognize Karita Mattila, no, I don't, it's Anne Schwanewilms (I expected Mattila to be singing Saariaho!), but of course I had to click through to get Imogen Cooper's name.


Henry Holland said...

I've long thought that this is the best way to present a season, you get the date, performers and pieces all on one line.


Lisa Hirsch said...

That is exactly what I would like to see.