Sunday, October 28, 2012

Einstein on the Beach

My SFCV review of Einstein on the Beach went up around 1 p.m. today, just as the Lohengrin prelude started. I think I did not quite succeed in putting over just how much I liked it; I was somewhat surprised by just how likable a work it is, and how engrossing. I seriously expected to be driven slightly mad by it - you might remember that I fled Davies 3/4 of the way through Music in Twelve Parts - and I can now confess that I had along a couple of squares of chocolate, two ginger cookies, a thermos of tea, and a flask of very good single malt Scotch. I did not have to resort to the Scotch. Well, okay, I took a sip on my personal intermission. And a couple of sections were loud enough that I'm extremely glad that Robert Rossney mentioned earplugs when we chatted Friday afternoon.

My personal intermission ended around when Philip Glass's started. I know this because he was sitting across the aisle from me; you bet that I regret not grabbing him while the lights were up and getting his autograph. I can also report that he came back from his break just after 9, and I know this because I saw the time when he checked his smartphone, which has a large and very bright screen. I think it was too darned big to be an iPhone, so, presumably: Android.

If you're at all interested in Einstein, try to see it on this tour. It's just not going to get done very often, between the intensity of rehearsal that it needs and the expense of the actors, dancers, singers, and musicians. And it is well worth seeing.


Tom DePlonty said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the show! And I think your review does it justice. The dances were really beautiful, weren't they?

I have no regrets about making the long drive to see it at BAM, especially given it's doubtful it will be put up again anytime soon.

Lisa Hirsch said...

They dances are just wonderful - I wish I had more vocabulary for describing them. And thanks, regarding my review!

Robert said...

Of course, I liked Music in Twelve Parts more than Einstein and would have been disappointed had you agreed...