Sunday, June 23, 2013

You Win Some, You Lose Some.

Jamie Barton won the Cardiff Singer of the World contest this weekend. The name rang a bell; I was sure she had been announced for something in the Bay Area during 2013-14.

Sure enough, a search of my email showed her as the mezzo soloist in SF Opera's celebratory Verdi Requiem....but the SFO web site shows Margaret Mezzacappa singing that performance on October 25....and Barton's own web site shows her singing Adalgisa at the Met on October 24 and 28.

Pretty easy to guess at what happened here: Barton was originally covering the Adalgisas, so she signed on for the Requiem, then was assigned two of the Met performances and asked to be released from the Verdi. (Can't say that I blame her.) I have asked SFO for any comments they might have.

If you have not heard her, you ought to check the clips at Barton's site, because she has a spectacular voice and she knows how to sing. I hope we get her in a future season.

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