Friday, February 28, 2014

CUNY Scores Big!

Paul Krugman is retiring from Princeton at the end of academic year 2014-15, moving to Manhattan, and taking a job at CUNY.

He went to them to ask if they had room for him to be "affiliated" with the Luxembourg Income Study. CUNY - I can imagine the cheering and champagne corks popping when they heard from him - not only said yes, they offered him a teaching position.

I can also imagine the weeping and wailing, and the rending of sackcloth, at Princeton. Well, I wouldn't want to say goodbye to the world's highest-profile economist either.

As a native New Yorker, I daydream about retiring to NYC myself, although, unlike Dr. PK, I'm unlikely to be able to afford living in Manhattan. Whatever: congratulations to Dr. Krugman on this auspicious next step.


Micaela said...

I'm at Princeton. Granted, I don't know many people in his area, but I haven't heard much of a reaction at all yet. He's not a terribly visible presence on campus and is not a tremendously popular teacher. I think most of his work has been elsewhere for some time. (I wish they had taken Robbie George instead, who is all too visible!)

Lisa Hirsch said...

Curious what you mean by "most of his work has been elsewhere for some time." He is teaching a couple of classes this semester, judging by the slide presos he has been posting.