Saturday, April 26, 2014

British Pathe on YouTube

The Telegraph and various friends (Janos Gereben, Alex Ross) have been spreading the word: British Pathé has uploaded 85,000 historic newsreels and compilations to YouTube.

It's true, it's true: but low-res versions of these films have been available at British Pathé's own web site since 2003.

Enjoy the riches, and here's one of special interest to me: Sir Henry Wood conducting the BBCSO in Vaughan Williams's Serenade to Music in 1938, the year of its composition. RVW himself is visible in the film. They are making the first recording of the piece. The singers are:
Sopranos:Isobel BaillieLilian Stiles-AllenElsie SuddabyEva Turner
Contraltos:Muriel BrunskillAstra DesmondMary JarredMargaret Balfour
Tenors:Heddle NashFrank TittertonWalter WiddopParry Jones
Baritones:Harold WilliamsRoy Henderson
Basses:Robert EastonNorman Allin

You can also see various important historical events and disasters, including the Battle of the Somme, Emily Davison throwing herself under the King's horse at the English Derby in 1913 to, well, just about everything.

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