Sunday, June 15, 2014

RIP (January - June, 2014)

A number of deaths that I missed:

  • Claudio Abbado, revered conductor. I  never saw Abbado live and have only a couple of his recordings, so no personal connection here, but he was tireless and much-loved across the musical spectrum, because he was a passionate champion of new music as well as old.
  • Gerd Albrecht, controversial conductor
  • Rafael Frubeck de Burgos, beloved conductor. Missed my chance to see him this season in SF, his first appearance here in decades.
  • Lee Hyla, adored composer. He was a figure at Brandeis for a while when I was a student there - I remember seeing him in Slosberg Music Center - and it's my loss that I didn't get to know him then. NEC remembers him, as does his student, composer Liz White.
  • Elodie Lauten, composer. Also read Kyle Gann's tribute to her.

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