Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Foxman and Ideas

Today's NY Times has an eloquent letter from Abraham Foxman arguing that Mein Kampf, by Adolph Hitler, should be published in Germany. I agree with him on this.

However, he's the same guy who thinks you shouldn't get to see The Death of Klinghoffer. It's pretty clear from his HuffPost piece of June 20 that he and his allies pressured the Met to cancel Klinghoffer entirely.


Vajra said...

I still can't come to terms with Gelb's decision. He caves to the same irrational voices call for Huckleberry Finn to be removed from school libraries. Alex Ross' New Yorker piece is right on point. http://tinyurl.com/oerdh7c While Gertrude Stein's lines were actually a lament, Gelb seems to have no there there. No taste. No guts. No pov.

Lisa Hirsch said...