Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Troyens News

Bryan Hymel didn't sing at Troyens number 3 last night. He was sick, and cover Corey Bix went on instead. This must've happened too late for a cast change announcement, not that it would matter.

I hear that Bix sang well in what must have been a pretty high-pressure situation. Congrats! And best health wishes to Hymel, whom I hope to see a week from tomorrow.

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John Marcher said...

Bix acquitted himself quite well. Nice tone, didn't lean heavily on the prompter, seemed very well-prepared and his duet with Graham at the end of scene 4 was marvelous. Not a "star is born" moment, but I wouldn't at all mind hearing him again, though his vowels were a little rough. I can't imagine the pressure, but he showed no real trace of it.