Tuesday, July 14, 2015

SFO Sweeney Todd Casting Update: Paternity Leave Edition

I was seriously looking forward to the return of Gerald Finley, not seen here in a decade since his debut as J. Robert Oppenheimer in Doctor Atomic, even though his return was as the title character in Sweeney Todd. Fate intervenes: he has withdrawn in order to be at home with his wife for the birth of their child in mid-September.

You may here assume that I have many thoughts I am not bothering to record about the timing of this announcement, after season sales are well under way, after the end of the summer season, and so on, considering that there are no secrets about how long a typical pregnancy lasts. It is entirely possible that Finley didn't withdrawn until recently.

Brian Mulligan takes over the role, and I know that he will be excellent, but, well, I am still disappointed. I hope Finley is under contract for something in the near future. And I hope that the expectant parents have a boringly typical end of pregnancy and delivery, with happy and healthy mother and child at the end of it all.

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