Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Women's Self-Defense Class, January, 2016

I'm planning a self-defense class for next month, in my beautiful location in El Cerrito!

When: Most likely 4 Sunday afternoons, 2 to 5 p.m., starting January 3 or 10.

Where: Mind-Body Dojo, 7512 Fairmount Ave, El Cerrito, CA. This is just a few blocks east of El Cerrito Plaza BART, and convenient to 80/580 (Central Avenue exit)

Cost: $150/student, open to all regardless of ability to pay

Who: All women age 16 and up. We are LGBTQ-welcoming. No athletic or martial arts experience necessary; techniques adaptable to suit your needs.

What. The curriculum includes:
  • The foundations of self-protection: Alertness, awareness, & avoidance
  • Use of the voice; use of common objects as weapons
  • Basic strikes: hammer blow, heel of hand, elbow blows
  • Basic kicks: front, side, rear
  • Escapes from common attacks: chokes, bear hugs, hair pulls
  • Defending yourself on the ground or against a wall
  • How to deal with an attacker who has a weapon
  • Securing your home
  • Staying safe on the street, in your car, home, or workplace
How to enroll: email me (lhirsch@gmail.com), post here, or phone me at 510-842-NAGE (6243).

What else: Forward this information to women you know!

Questions? Ask in the comments.

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