Friday, March 11, 2016

Germany Friday Photo

Eisbach, English Garden
Munich, August, 2015

I wanted to take a swim in the Eisbach myself; it is a fast-flowing artificial tributary of the Isar River, which flows through central Munich, because the day I took this walk it was 93 degrees and 90% humidity. Instead, I had a light and refreshing lunch at the Chinesischer Turm, one of the beer gardens in the English Garden:

Cucumber Salad (left), Cabbage Salad (right), Sparkling Water (center)
Chinesischer Turm, English Garden, Munich
August, 2015

When I left the English Garden, I got on a trolley along with about 20 bathing-suited youngsters, age maybe 16 to 22, who were obviously headed back to wherever it is you jump into the Eisbach. No photo, alas.

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