Saturday, August 26, 2017

Minor Explanation

The next few posts I publish are going to be very very chronologically disjointed: they're the three posts I wrote, or started to write, after last November's trip to Chicago for a pair of, ah, very different 19th c. French operas: Massenet's Don Quichotte, which is a trifle next to Berlioz's mightly Les Troyens, the greatest of them all.

Why have I been sitting on them? I....can't remember. The Troyens post is not quite finished, so it may not turn up until tomorrow. Why am I publishing them now? Because I might as well get them published before Elektra, starring Christine Goerke, opens in two weeks.

Big thanks to Lyric Opera of Chicago, for giving me access to the press photos for both operas! And let me say that my friend Brian was absolutely right when he told me that the Civic Opera House is the most beautiful in the US. It is glorious and it also has big, comfortable seats and fine acoustics, better than the War Memorial Opera House, imo.

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