Sunday, October 07, 2018

Opera Tattling: Paris Opera Tristan and Berenice

The audience during Michael Jarrell's new opera, Berenice, was perfectly behaved in my vicinity.

For Tristan, it was a different matter. Some rustling of programs and coughing during the prelude, then, much worse:
  • The man in the row ahead of me and just to my right who silence, but did not turn off, his very large phone and who checked the time at least once during each act. Yes, it's a long opera, but you knew that when you bought the ticket, right? Get a watch if you really need to check the time during the performance.
  • The man two or three rows up and to my left who took photographs during the performance, at least one per act. Dude, ask the press office if you have an official use; if not, check the internet. But don't take photos during the performance. 
Both were well-dressed middle-aged men who should have known better.


Eric Pease said...

Friday, September 28 SF Opera performance of Cav/Pag. Dude next to us in seat C11 in the orchestra section starts texting someone. because we're sitting next to him and can read the phone, we can see his wife didn't make it back to her seat in time after the intermission.

he keeps texting and texting. finally have to ask him to stop and he puts the phone away.

totally taken out of the moment for about 30 minutes.

Lisa Hirsch said...

OMG people are awful. Summary execution, perhaps.