Monday, July 01, 2019

Rising Stars?

The now-annual end-of-season popularity contest Rising Stars vote, to name a favorite Emerging Star, has dropped into my mailbox. As usual, I won't be voting. Here's some commentary on each of the singers.
  • It is said that "Tenor Daniel Johansson delivered a standout performance as the besotted young soldier Matteo in his Company debut." I never finished my blog post about Arabella, but I can't agree with this. His acting was fine, but I was surprised at how dry Johansson's tone was.
  • Hye Jung Lee, who sang the Fiakermilli in Arabella, made her first SFO appearance in 2012's Nixon in China. Arabella was her fourth appearance with the company. She emerged back in 2012 and 2013, when she also appeared in Tales of Hoffman.
  • Golda Schultz, sure. Emerging star!
  • Andriana Chuchman, yes. Emerging star!
  • Christina Gansch, okay. First appearance, so at least locally an emerging star.
  • Sarsha Cooke. Are you kidding me? Sasha Cooke is a Big Star. Her breakthrough was in the Met's Doctor Atomic, back in 2008! She emerged long ago! Also, sorry to mention, she was miscast in Orlando, as fabulous as her acting was.
  • J'Nai Bridges, okay!
  • Rachel Willis-Sorensen, yes, sure, emerging.

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