Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Belated Anniversary


Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall
Photo by Lisa Hirsch

I wrote some music reviews in college, for the Brandeis Justice, because there was a ton of musical activity at Brandeis. I was offered the position of features editor, but turned it down because I spent so much time rehearsing and practicing. My life might have been very different if I'd had that level of journalism experience when I eventually got out of school. 

In the 90s, I wrote a few CD reviews for Janos Gereben, when he was arts editor of a local paper.

My first paid professional music review appeared in San Francisco Classical Voice in early February, 2004. I had responded to a Question of Week and mentioned in it that I had been a music major in school. The follow week I got an email from the editors asking if I'd like to try reviewing for me. I did, and that worked out pretty well. I've now published in SFCV, Early Music America, The Classical Review, Opera, Opera News (RIP), and the San Francisco Chronicle. It took me all day to write that first review, which, to be honest, was also not that great. I'm grateful and a little astonished to find myself twenty years into this particular career.


Kendra Leonard said...

Happy anniversary, for you and for your readers!

Lisa Hirsch said...

Thank you, Kendra.