Mystery score

Mystery score

Monday, July 13, 2009

Memo to Los Angeles Philharmonic Copy Editors

That press release about the upcoming concert performances of Porgy and Bess, at the Hollywood Bowl? First thing is, I am enormously impressed that it's possible to assemble two good casts of singers for the opera. I hope to hear some of these talented singers in other operatic roles.

Next thing, you know, I agree that the amount of dialect in the libretto is slightly embarrassing in 2009, and it should be de-emphasized in performance. But I'm also reasonably sure that the libretto and score style one character's name this way:

Sportin' Life

Your press release says:

Sporting Life

Are you also changing the title of one of his big numbers to "It Isn't Necessarily So"? Please don't. Ira will roll over in his grave.

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