Thursday, July 30, 2009

Even Sweeter Music

The return of pianist Sarah Cahill's A Sweeter Music commissioning project, this time at Old First Concerts, 1751 Sacramento (at Van Ness), San Francisco, CA. July 31, 8 p.m.

That's tomorrow, you know. Be there, or be square. If you're there, you get to hear a couple of my favorites from the program she performed earlier this year at Hertz Hall and several works not yet performed or not yet performed in CA:

Meredith Monk- excerpt from Steppe Music
Frederic Rzewski- Peace Dances
Phil Kline- The Long Winter (California premiere)
Jerome Kitzke- There Is a Field
Peter Garland- from After the Wars (premiere)
Kyle Gann- War is Just a Racket (California premiere)
Michael Byron- Devotion to Peace
Terry Riley- Be Kind to One Another


sfmike said...

That was a great concert, and the spoken word pieces by Kitzke and Gann were really extraordinary. Nice seeing you there with the Vaz.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Good to see you too, and yes, great concert.