Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You Can't Make This Stuff Up, Hong Kong Edition

The court case surrounding the estate of billionaire Nina Wang includes these elements:
  • The two kidnappings of Mrs. Wang's husband Teddy, who amassed the billions. He was never seen again after disappearing the second time.
  • The alleged affair between Mrs. Wang, who died at 69, and the much younger feng shui master Tony Chan, who is married with three children.
  • The two wills, one in Chinese, one in English, the latter written when Mrs. Wang was dying. The Chinese will leaves the estate to the family charitable trust, the English will leaves the estate to Mr. Chan.
It's a lot more fun to read about than the Brooke Astor case, I'll tell you that. And if they really did build model helicopters together and leave coins and jade ornaments in 80 feng shui holes around Hong Kong, it sounds as if they had plenty of fun together. If, if, if.


rootlesscosmo said...

Mr. Chan earned headlines when he testified that he and Mrs. Wang “enthusiastically” engaged in “the events in paragraph 32,”

I think "[engaging] in the events described in paragraph 32" is the new "hiking the Appalachian trail."

Lisa Hirsch said...

haha, yeah!