Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ojai North! Tattling

  • A cell phone went off during the Schnittke Piano Quintet, I believe between movements or near the end of a movement. The performers waited to resume until the phone was silenced.
  • That was me dropping my program, also on Tuesday, when I picked up my binoculars to take a closer look at something. Sorry!
  • The crowd on Thursday wasn't that big, but somehow I missed Opera Tattler, perhaps because two of the four of us chatting between concerts were engaged in a minor display of historical novel one-upmanship. Okay, that's not really fair, but we did leave the two onlookers wondering what we were talking about. 
  • Nota bene: Patricia Finney's books are in print and readily available through my local bookseller or the Oakland Public Library. And nobody can figure out everything going on in Dorothy Dunnett's novels, but they're worth reading anyway.

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