Saturday, March 01, 2014

And Speaking of David Gockley

UPDATE: Whoops. This is his next-to-last season.

If 2014-15 is really his last season, either the Board has selected his successor already or they are nearing a decision. There does need to be some kind of transition period when the outgoing and incoming general directors are in regular communication and working together.

I'm just curious when the announcement will be made. Also curious who his successor might be. It's easy to rule out a few possible candidates (Joe Volpe! George Steel! Pamela Rosenberg! Peter Gelb!) and a lot more difficult to determine who is able to take such a job and do it competently. Depending on his successor's current position and availability, it's not impossible that his contract could be extended by a year.


Dr.B said...

You are reporting on the departure of Gockley like it was common knowledge. Could you elaborate. Like why? Is he going on to somewhere else, retiring, what? He hates it here?

Lisa Hirsch said...

It is common knowledge. End of his contract., and after 40- odd years running opera companies, he is retiring.

Lisa Hirsch said...

My bad: it is his next-to-last season.

Dr.B said...

Research reveals that a friend of mine attended a meeting about 3 years ago where Gockley announced he would retire in 5 years. So.