Saturday, March 15, 2014

Don't Do This

Dear Soli Deo Gloria:

About that card I received from about the program you sang last weekend?  It just about guaranteed that I wouldn't attend.

Here's the program information you provided, in full. On the front:
In old Vienna, composers reserved the delicate accompaniment of two violins and continuo for their most intimate sacred works.
On the back:
Enjoy short masses by Mozart and Schubert and explore the roots of this tradition in the works of Bach and other Baroque composers. 
The card also has the dates, times, locations, prices, and soloist names. It's a really big card and I know there was room, somehow, for you to list the works you're performing. I care more about that than the soloist names.

That the front of the card is ugly and hard to read, because of the terrible contrast between the print colors and the background, is unfortunate. That the information you provide is insufficient is worse than that.


Anonymous said...

Agree one hundred percent. There's an ensemble in my town - I Furiosi -- that for years has been announcing the general theme of the program and the composers, but would not list the works.

Stopped going.

Lisa Hirsch said...

It is really nuts and seems like the most basic, easy thing to do.

I mean, I cannot click through from a post card to a web site.